Adventure in Mumbai

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About Adventure in Mumbai

Mumbai also offers a variety of outdoor activities for adventure enthusiasts, be it running, walking, hiking, biking or simply getting stronger in the gyms.

For hikers, get to the Takmak fort in Vasai by hiking the steep trail through the dense Jungle flora. Another difficult trek is the Korigad fort in the Ambey valley that lets you pass through the rocky hills and dense forests with steps till you reach the top with the Ganesh Temple. Walking can be done on the Marine drive, Juhu beach and Shivaji park. For running, there are trails made specifically for people who participate in the marathon held in January. The popular walking or running route amongst locals is the 4 KM stretch at the Marine drive which keeps you away from the traffic and lets you walk or run easily. Another track is the Mahalaxmi race course trail, good for running because of the muddy soft trail, which is easier on the joints. Bandra Kurla complex at bandra offers wide, clean and smooth roads for walking and running. If you want to enjoy the waterfront and make your walking or running more enjoyable, get to the Worli Sea face at Worli, perfect for beginners.


For travellers, you can gym and swim at the hotel, but if you are going to stay here for a longer time, you can visit the QI Gym, located in the busy area of downtown Mumbai, offering modern equipments, attentive and cooperative trainers at a reasonable fee

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