Art in Napa

Book unique experiences offered by locals in Napa.

About Art in Napa

Hess Winery has a nice art gallery, Also Markham Winery as well. Napa Historical Society downtown has some great stuff as well featuring old time Napa.

Local Customs

Please tip 15% for average service, 20% or more for great service.


Napa was home to many Native Americans, and overtime Spanish, Mexican, and European settlers arrived and started cultivating the lands.

Politics & Economy

Napa is mostly Republican but not by a large majority as far as voting.

Famous People

Robert Mondavi, Mike Grgich, The Beringer Brothers, Charles Krug, Peter Mondavi, The Barrett Family.


3rd of July Fireworks at Silverado Resort.

Best Museums

Napa Historical Society

Holidays & Festivals

All Major Holidays are observed in Napa.

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