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About Food Tours in New York in New York City

From halal carts to Michelin stars, New York offers a global array of cuisine with points of entry for all tastebuds and bank accounts. Manhattan and North Brooklyn are your best bet for high-flying haute cuisine that dares to experiment and is deeply influenced by New York’s hot (melting) pot of kitchen traditions. Whether globally sourced or from local vineyards on Long Island or in the Hudson Valley, the wines in New York are paired with virtually every cuisine.

Neighborhoods throughout the outer boroughs offer deep pockets of authentic immigrant cuisine: Yemeni, Lebanese and Syrian lamb and backlava on Brooklyn’s Atlantic Avenue, Ethiopean injera in the Bronx, Russian Borscht in Brighton Beach and South Asian delights in Jackson Heights. Sure, you know Manhattan’s Chinatown is a culinary goldmine—but have you eaten at the Chinatown in Flushing, Queens and or in Brooklyn’s Sunset Park? Grab your Metrocard. Whether you splurge on a tasting menu, grab a slice or order from one of the many street carts—you can get everything from an authentic dumpling to an artisanal cupcake—New York has adventure in every bite.

What to Eat?

Pizza is a local favorite but you really can't go wrong at any pizza place in the city. Just ask for "a slice" as the locals call it.
Bagels, Lox and Shmear: Head to Essa, Zabar's and Murray's.
Cupcakes from Billy's and Magnolia Bakery
Hot dogs from any street cart and Criff Dogs in the East Village; If you're thirsty, step into the phone booth, ring the bell and head into the Speakeasy on the other side for a delicious cocktail at PDT.
Snack your way around the world at the various street carts: Halal carts and the famous Dosa cart in Washington Square Park.


18-20% is typical in NYC. Even more if you're feeling generous.

Price per Meal

$3.50 - $100

Best Restaurants

Per Se, Marea, Balthazar, Torrisi Italian Specialties, The Spotted Pig, Momofuku (Noodle Bar, Ssam and Ko), Casa Mono, Del Posto, Morimoto, Frankie's 457, Roberta's Pizza, MIssion Chinese, Barrio Chino, Acme

Best Cafes

Cafe Habana, Cafe Gitane, Cafe Cluny, Coffeeshop, Cafe Grumpy, Joe the Art of Coffee

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