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About New & Noteworthy in New York City

There's always something new going on in New York: a major exhibit, a new restaurant, an underground trend, a political scandal. There are always more restaurants, music venues, hot bars, high rises and scaffolding. (There's always more scaffolding.) A few big trends have transformed NYC in recent years. One is the expansion of bike lanes on city streets, which has made exploring NYC on two wheels less crazy-dangerous than it used to be. (But be careful. Seriously.) Neighborhoods that aren't conveniently connected by subway are now just a ride away. Biking is a fantastic way to cover more ground.

Another is the artisanal, local-sourcing movement, which has found a natural home in a city that is both worldly and provincial, with residents who hail from all corners of the world and yet fiercely identify with the neighborhoods they live in. (Upper East Side - Bay Ridge love match? Unlikely.) Brooklyn has especially become ground zero for this trend, which plays out in everything from food to furniture. There's a good chance that Billyburg restaurant you've heard about sourced its vegetables, poultry, beer and chocolate from producers around NYC, and the benches, glasses and decor were probably made locally too. The city has also heavily invested in New York's green spaces—cleaning up parks, holding countless outdoor festivals, planting a million trees on the sidewalks. Put it all together and you have a city that increasingly lets you explore it from the inside.

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