Food in Nice

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About Food in Nice

Nice is a restaurant capital of the French Riviera. Home to more than its share of Michelin-starred restaurants, the true gourmand (with the bank account of a king) could spend a week in Nice without eating dinner at the same Michelin-starred restaurant twice.

For the rest of us, Nice is loaded with thousands of less elaborate restaurants that will satisfy every taste. The local cuisine emphasizes the use of local ingredients, such as anchovies and seafood, but also the many fruits and vegetables grown in the nearby, sun-draped river valleys.

What to Eat?

Nice has a few native dishes that borrow heavily from provençal and northern european influences: pissaladière is a tart made with onions and anchovies; farcis niçois is a stuffed vegetable dish; and, of course, the salade niçoise (a tomato salad with baked eggs, tuna or anchovies, olives and green peppers).

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