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About Food in Oslo

Oslo is growing at a fast pace, it is now one of the fastest-growing capitals of Europe. The bar and restaurant scene has flourished the past years, and the city has gotten a more international presence than only a few years back.

There is a reason Norwegian food is not world famous. Traditional meals look much like the Swedish meatballs, pickled herring, salmon and the like, and while we do have tasty local dishes (Moose stew, reindeer meatballs, lamb and cole), you´re most likely to enjoy those visiting someone´s grandmother (which you should try). The traditional Friday dinner, a tradition developed in the 90´s is simply taco dinners, with a tex mex flare.

The past few years, however, Norwegians seem to have found an increased interest in local produce, traditional customs combined with international flavors, and there are many good restaurants around. Oslo is well-known for its high prices, and for high-end restaurants, you will have to empty your pockets. There are alternatives however; decent prices sushi is found all over the city, and if you go down to the harbor in the morning, you can buy fresh shrimps from the fishing boats. There are good Chinese and Vietnamese spots around Youngstorget, and in the immigrant part of town, Grønland, you can get cheap good Indian and Pakistani food.

What to Eat?

At some point you should have seafood, either the expensive way, at a restaurant, or the cheap way, from the fishermen down at the Aker Brygge harbor.


A small tip is expected at high end restaurants, but by no means compulsory. 10% is fine, less and more is accepted too.

Price per Meal

$12 (Indian/Pakistani food in the immigrant neighbourhood) - endless.

Best Restaurants

Maaemo - Michelin star, Scandinavian, a fixed 26 course menu with wine tasting, booking well in advance (at least two months) recommended.

Oslo Spiseforretning - An excellent place for local flavors and customs, in the summer you can dine outside with an excellent view of the very late sunset.

Kampen Bistro - A local favorite in the charming Kampen neighborhood, about 15-20 minutes walk from downtown. Good food and good value.

Palace Grill: Great and intimate backyard, excellent food with loads of seafood options on the menu. Expensive, but very good.

Lokk: Good food and decent prices downtown.

Palmyra: Authentic Indian food, no more, no less. Cheap.

Grønland Grill: Cheap and good shish tawok.

In the summer, bike or boat to Lille Herbern at Bygdøy, a beautifully situated sea food restaurant, they are happy to receive you if all you want is a glass of wine and to enjoy the view too.

Best Cafes

Fuglen: This stylish and popular cafe turns into a cocktail bar at night, both the cafe and the bar are amazing, beautifully decorated with Scandinavian 1950´s design furniture. They just opened a branch in Tokoyo. But try the original one first.

Collets Cafe: A local favorite close to the park at St.Hanshaugen, good for brunch, coffee and drinks when the evening comes. Occational Quiz nights. Wifi

Liebling: Another local favorite in the Grunerløkka neighbourhood, good pastries and sandwiches, busy and friendly. Wifi.

Tim Windelboe: The best coffee in Norway, if not Scandinavia, if not Europe. Also at Grunerløkka, not to be missed.

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