Food in Portland

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About Food in Portland

Portland is a favorite amongst "foodies." You'll find a variety of restaurants and food carts featuring cuisines from around the world. If you travel 45 minutes from Portland to the Willamette Valley, you can also explore many wineries and restaurants in towns like Newberg, McMinneville, and Dundee.

What to Eat?

Fresh Chinook or Coho Salmon.

Dungeness Crab.

Locally grown vegetables, fruit or meat.


15 percent is standard. 20 percent or more can be given for exceptional service.

Price per Meal


Best Restaurants

Departure Lounge
Mee Sen
Dar Salaam
Cafe Hibiscus
Milwaukie Kitchen
Ohana Hawaiian Cafe

Best Cafes

Water Avenue Coffee
Sterling Coffee
Public Domain

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