Adventure in Providence

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About Adventure in Providence

One of Rhode Island's greatest virtues is it's consolidated geography. Providence is centrally located and easily accessible by all of the state's major roadways. While walking the streets provides plenty of outdoor exposure, there are more outdoor adventures a short distance from the city. The residential parts of the city, however, do offer their share of walking paths, and the city's hills can be quite a hike!


Goddard Memorial Park (about 25 minutes south) has miles of rambling trails and beachfront. Hiking also abounds in the Blackstone Valley region of northern Rhode Island.

Walking Routes

Blackstone Boulevard, India Point Park, Independence Trail, Roger Williams Park


Local tracks (high school and University), Roger Williams Park, Goddard Memorial Park (trails)


Seasonally, any of the nearby beaches offer salt-water swimming. Several community centers and hotels also have pools.


Local and national chains, including Boston Sports Clubs


East Bay Bike Path


Studios in virtually every neighborhood


Roger Williams, India Point; a park in nearly every neighborhood

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