Reviews - Phyllis F.

Phyllis F.

We are back from our vacation and back into the grind of work...and reflecting happily on our birding adventure with Colin. It was a perfect experience for us. We have been packing our binoculars around for years and were thrilled to find a local expert in Sonoma County who could show us the hot spots and point out the natives species. The day was highlighted by two new birds to our life list ( White-faced Ibis and Northern Rough Winged Swallow) and the best clam chowder in Bodega Bay. We enjoyed the commentary during our travels ( Petaluma to Bodega Bay) and the extra sight seeing opportunities - hats off to Alfred Hitchcock! We appreciated that Colin took the time to create a detailed list of all we saw and identified - 72 different species in one day is amazing. Although the wine tasting in Sonoma is not to be missed, you will not be sorry if you add a birding experience with Colin to your Sonoma vacation. Thank you Colin, for making this vacation the best one ever to beautiful Sonoma.