Reviews - Marie


A friend invited me to do a hike with her this past weekend, and I'm SO glad she did! What a GREAT time it was. A fantastic workout whether you're totally in shape or haven't worked out in a while. The pace was just right. And the paths we took were filled with the most wonderful "hidden" neighborhood stairs and architecture. Alexandra shared the most interesting historical bits and funny stories about San Francisco and some of its more noteworthy inhabitants! Alexandra is, by far and bar none, the most AMAZING "tour guide" I've ever experienced. She is so comfortable, very knowledgeable, is ALWAYS smiling, is considerate and patient. Even though there were 11 people in our hiking group, she gave personal attention to each one of us. I can't wait to do another hike with Alexandra! I'm going to give one of her hikes to my best friend for her birthday this year, too!