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Merve E.
Merve E. for Istanbul Contrasts - Full Day Tour

As in description, it is a perfect tour for all tourists that came to Istanbul for the first time, but as well for all the people that already have been here! Kasper knows a lot about the city (we visited many neighborhoods - Cengelkoy, Kanlica, Rumelihisari, Bebek, Arnavutkoy, Takim, Cihangir, Galata, Karakoy... etc.), he knows where to eat (amazing local specialities I even did not know about, plus all the local musts to eat before leaving from Istanbul!) and even I though I know Istanbul quite well, he surprised me not once. After these tour you feel your stay in Istanbul is complete!

Merve E.
Merve E. for Enjoy Turkish Breakfast!

If you are tourist in Istanbul you may get little bit confused where to eat or perhaps you can pass without noticing that there is the best food lying there. This doesn't happen with Kasper because he has lots of amazing places that are off-the path that you wouldn't come across by yourself. When we met Kasper, he offered us different types of places where we could possibly have our breakfast, and we chose the menemen place which is old style looking but even it was mentioned in Guardian as one of the best breakfast places in Istanbul. So menemen (scrambled eggs with tomato and pepper & different ingredients) was perfect, my favorite was menemen with cheese. And of course you should definitely leave a space in your tummy for Bal and Kaymak ( Honey and sweet cream). I highly recommend this tour to all! Don't miss out having a nice Turkish breakfast and a great, talkative, funny guide before leaving Istanbul!

Merve E.
Merve E. for Tastes of Istanbul

I always think that the foreigners know better than the locals where is best to eat, where is best to have great view. In Istanbul sure you can find many places and tastes but if you have Kasper your company he will take you to best places from baklava to hookah from breathtaking views to less occupied places by tourists. When I met Kasper, he showed me the best places and these places became my favorite ones, and I am really thankful for that! If you wanna enjoy Istanbul and meanwhile taste some great local foods I definitely suggest you to have Kasper as your guide. And as well he will tell you what to do in the city, where to go after and he always has interesting stories and information about the city!! You will not regret ;)