Reviews - Linda S.

Linda S.

I am frequently in the downtown and Wall Street area of NYC. I have seen MANY walking tours and eavsdropped on a handful. These are large groups of 20 or more tourists with one speaker at the front who no one can hear pointing out some of the most boring or obvious things--things you can learn just looking at a map. I have also had the pleasure of talking with Mr. Michael P. He is not just a tour guide; he is a historian...but not a boring historian! Michael is filled with an unending wealth of details about both old and recent New York City. He dismisses the myths with reality, and I have never been so entertained learning historical facts about off beat and unque places. He has such a passion for what he does that it is impossible to feel bored. I kept wondering what surprise he will talk about next!. Michael P. will take you on a safe, customizable tour so if you have a particular interest in a topic he can focus on that. I am not at all surprised he scored so high on the NYC tour guide test. If you learn about this test you discover it is HARD and requires lots of study. Michael P. knows his facts; but he also knows all those other little things---the quirky personalities and unique and secret counter-culture stuff that is the real soul of the city. Trust me, skip the tour bus and highly commercialized walking tours and meet ths gentleman. You will not be dissapointed. I felt like I made a friend and could engage in lively discussion about things rather than just a passive member of a large annoying group. Fun fun fun and interesting! I bet if I took another tour with him, I could see a whole new set of things and learn even more of the stuff you won't find in a guide book or typical walking or bus tour. I suspect this man's popularity is taking off quickly so don't miss the chance for a REAL tour, packed full of the usual and the unusual stuff the average visitor never sees!