Adventure in Rio de Janeiro

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About Adventure in Rio de Janeiro

Hiking, climbing, biking, hang gliding... Rio has it all when it comes to outdoors activites. Here you have a good and sunny wheather all year long, making this city the perfect place for these kinds of activities. In Rio it is possible to interact with nature and experience the carioca´s way of life, and their pursuit for better life´s quality and the perfect body.


Rio is a great city when it comes to hiking. You can go hiking to pratically every single peak at the city and you will be rewarded with the best views of Rio when you get to the top. Are you a light of heavy hiker? In fact that doesn´t matter, you´ll find all levels of hiking in Rio de Janeiro.

Walking Routes

If you like to walk in the city, Downtown is a great option to see Rio de Janeiro´s archtectures and history. You can also walk the streets of Santa Teresa, a colonial neighborhood up in a hill next to Downtown. But if you prefer the quietness of nature, you can walk Tijuca´s Forest ways and for that you won´t even need to bring water, you´ll find water fountains all over the place.


All beaches, Flamengo´s Park, Rodrigo de Freita´s Lagoon, Tijuca´s National Park.


Acqua Fit, Djan Madruga, Golfinho, Raia Quatro, Planet Pool, Clube de Regatas do Flamengo.


Rio Sport, Academia Rio Gym, Smart Fit, Gávea Gym, Companhia Athletica, Body Up.


Rio de Janeiro has more than 300 kms of cycle paths and a lot more are being built in the city. It´s a perfect city to be cycled as all routes are flat. And if you are experienced enough to go uphill, try biking to Tijuca´s Forest through Alto da Boa Vista´s roads.


Blyss Yoga, DeRose Leblon, Espaço Nirvana, Centro Iyengar, Shiva Studio.


Flamengo´s Park, Tijuca´s National Park, Municipal Park of Prainha, Botanic Garden, Lage´s Park, Patins´s Park, Catacumba´s Park, Quinta da Boa Vista.

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