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There’s still sand in my hair as I write this from the windowsill of a cozy beach-side cafe. The scent of the salty sea is swirling in and out of the shopfront as I put my bare-feet up on the chair across from me. Each sip of my locally roasted, iced-coffee tastes more and more like paradise, a flavor that resembles dark chocolate and a crisp breeze. The nearby ocean is providing an ambient soundscape to my writing, as the waves swell and crescendo to the shore. I close my eyes and imagine all of the kids splashing about. I imagine them building sand-castles, burying their friends, and enjoying cold juice boxes from the comfort of a cartoon towel. Ah, the good ol’ days. Luckily enough, the good ol’ days are not just something of the past when visiting San Diego. Whether you want to think of it as a backyard tent, a pillow fort, a living room sleepover, or a trampoline under the stars, San Diego is a place for reclaiming our lost youth. It's a place for remembering what it's like to truly live.

Our city would be nothing if it weren’t for the magnificent Sebastian Vizcaino, a spanish merchant who named the city after his near and dear shipmate, San Diego de Alcala in 1602. San Diego pays homage to its Spanish heritage with certain types of architecture, villages, and menu items. Throughout the city, there are old ships, buildings, parks, and landmarks that help patrons remember where the city came from. Some examples include the Star of India, an old windjammer ship that sailed around the world from Europe. The Hotel Del Coronado, a beautiful beachside resort that is often found on the front of postcards, and is home to numerous weddings, vacations, stories (ie. The Wizard of Oz), and in some cases, hauntings. Presidio park, which was the first missionary settlement in the city. And the USS Midway, which served in the Vietnam and Desert Storm wars before terminally docking in the San Diego harbor. Not to mention, burritos, tacos, and margaritas are a local delicacy.

Whether it is snorkeling in the cove, enjoying a brew from a local craft brewery, jumping off seaside cliffs, munching on a tasty fish taco, laying out in the sun, hiking world-famous trails, stargazing from the nearby mountains, surfing the big swells, or just simply taking a breath of fresh air, San Diego is a tropical getaway for anyone and everyone. It is a unique destination where endless summers, soft sands, and sunshine come together to create a haven for outdoor adventurers, and professionals who prefer to leave their shoes at home. It’s a place where you can start your day with a morning hike in the wilderness, break for lunch at a fresh seafood joint, then end your day catching a few good waves as the tide rolls in. A place where stories are shared over sunsets, s'mores, and bonfires. A place where food and drinks are not just served, they are crafted with passion, innovation, and excellence. A place where no shirt and no shoes does not mean no service, it means no problem!

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