New & Noteworthy in San Diego

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About New & Noteworthy in San Diego

It's not often you find a place where adventure junkies are flying three stories above the bay in a water-fueled jet pack, yogis are attempting headstands on stand-up paddleboards, kite-surfers are catching waves and taking flight, farmers are hand-delivering their produce to locals, skaters are cruising with an ocean-view, and daredevils are going top speed in mini-speedboats. There is almost always something new and exciting to try here.

Also noteworthy, craft breweries and locally brewed beer are hoppy and happening around these parts. At the time of writing, San Diego is home to 87 local breweries, with more being developed each and every day (I'm from a smaller town in San Diego and I still live within walking distance to 5 breweries).

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