San Francisco

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Welcome to Fun Land SF, the ultimate in family fun and clean, hassle-free entertainment! We are dedicated to providing a safe, relatively sanitary, family-friendly environment that kids and parents will absolutely adore.

From the coolest non-electronic diversions and low-tech real-life adventures, to the latest in yet-to-be-banned mind altering experiences—we have fun covered!

To help separate the older kids from the younger kids, Fun Land SF is divided into three unique sections:

• Teeter-Toddler Town
• Adolescent Adventure Zone
• Adult Debauchery Den/ Brownout Parlor

After you’ve played your brains off and gorged yourselves on organic, locally sourced corndogs and 10-gallon drums of kombucha and hipster moonshine, remember to stagger on over to our prize department to redeem your tickets and claim your much deserved reward! We've got all the hot new toys and gizmos that kids love and parents rely on to maintain marital harmony.

So load up the minivan and bring the entire extended family unit to Fun Land SF! Because if you don't, your spouse will desert you, and your children will claw out their eyes and tear their hair out by the roots. And that’s not FUN at all!