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From the dawn of time, homo sapiens have gazed to the West as the sun, that great flaming eye of the heavens, dipped below the horizon and wondered, “Where the hell does that thing go every night?” and “Could it be more awesome than here?” Humans are instinctively drawn westward, led by the unconscious, genetically-coded knowledge that it is to the West that their destinies lie and their dreams may some day manifest.

San Francisco is America’s final frontier, the inevitable destination set when the pilgrims first landed on the wrong side of the continent. For centuries the city has called to those dreamers who watch the sun’s nightly descent and mutter to themselves with trembling lips, “I want to go to there.”

San Francisco is a city of tectonic change filled with seekers and romantics, creative souls, and resourceful innovators. Just like the San Andreas Fault that runs deep beneath our feet, San Franciscans like to shake things up. (Oh, and we like to make little earthquake quips too.)

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