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About Art in Santa Fe

Art is definitely the driving force in this town. One in every six people in Santa Fe, works in the arts and art is everywhere. It’s displayed in coffee shops, appears in brightly colored murals downtown and is available in an impressive array of art galleries, over a hundred of them located on historic Canyon Rd, the city’s famous art street. Santa Fe is now the second largest art market in the country and the variety and abundance can be overwhelming. Offerings range from antique Native American rugs and pots, to sculpture and art that range from classic to cutting edge contemporary. There are more art galleries, per head of the population, in Santa Fe, than there are grocery stores!

Music is also part of the life blood of this city. As well as a wide assortment of live concert performances, from classical to jazz and from pop to opera, gifted musicians also perform in bars, coffee shops and restaurants, on street corners and even at the farmers’ market. And every summer, in the historic downtown Plaza, the city hosts the Santa Fe Summer Bandstand, six weeks of free, outdoor concerts, featuring a wide range of music and often featuring nationally, even internationally, known performers.

Holidays & Festivals

Shortly before that, in August, is Indian Market, the biggest, juried Native American art market in the world. Held on the historic downtown Plaza, it offers a breathtaking selection of jewelry, clothing, rugs, artefacts and ceramics, as well as paintings and sculpture - and draws collectors and enthusiasts from around the world.

And before that, in July, there’s the International Folk Art Market. A relatively recent addition to Santa Fe’s cultural calendar - launched in 2004 - it has already attracted a huge and widespread following. This popular event showcases the work of folk artists, artisans and craftspeople from all over the globe, who travel to Santa Fe, to share their traditional skills and display their unique products. The Folk Art Market, which is now the nation’s largest venue for authentic, quality, international folk art, regularly attracts thousands of out-of-state visitors each year.

Then there are the museums; the ghost stories; the haunted buildings; the spiritual offerings; the movie sets; the bronze foundry . . . and still more. So, whether you’re a couch potato or a sports enthusiast, an art lover or a lover of good food or if you’re just in search of a completely different kind of experience, come and explore Santa Fe. It really is The City Different.

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