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About Santiago

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Chilean reporter living in Santiago

Santiago is a booming, huge and extensive city located in the fertile central valley, crossed by the Mapocho River and surrounded by the Andes mountain to the East and by the Chilean Coastal Range to the West. Sometimes, on a clear day or right after a winter's rain when all the peaks are snowy, nature takes over Santiago and it looks so strikingly beautiful you have to stop and admire it. On other days the smog just won't let you see anything.

Still, Santiago, the country's capital founded in 1541, is a pretty amicable city: safe, clean and not so chaotic. There's good public transportation and you can move around easily. Although it has lots of neighborhoods -and a population of nearly 7 million- most of the restaurants, museums and other attractions are located in three communes: Vitacura, Providencia and Santiago Centro.

During the last ten years Santiago has become an interesting destination for plenty of reasons (it was listed as number 1, of the top 41 places to go in 2011 New York Times list). It has a great food and cultural scene, it's near to world class wineries and to wilderness -one hour to the sea, one hour to ski resorts-, there's a lot of things happening in the city and it gives you that everything is possible feeling. And because Santiago is still a Latin American city -and by that I mean magical and old fashioned- if you are open to exploring and getting lost, you will probably find a lot of places, people and situations that will make you smile.

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