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Tel Aviv is Israel's cosmopolitan, secular capital known for its bustling cafe culture, renowned nightlife, and an internationally acclaimed hi-tech industry. Tel Aviv has a mediterranean climate bringing mild, rainy winters and hot and humid summers. The country's second largest and most populous city, it is located on the Mediterranean sea next to the ancient city of Jaffa. Together, Tel Aviv and Yafo make up one municipality.

Established by a group of some 60 Jewish settlers in 1909, Tel Aviv is considered the first hebrew city and is the living embodiment of a Modern Jewish state. It is built almost exclusively in the International Style (now known as Bauhaus) because of the design's practicality and ability to weather the city's humid climate. Now known as the "White City" because of the ubiquity of Bauhaus, Tel Aviv was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2003. Since passing its 100th anniversary in 2009, Tel Aviv continues to celebrate its unique architectural heritage from such humble beginnings.

Tel Aviv is Israel's secular hub, and many Tel Avivians will affectionately refer to their home as "The Country of Tel Aviv". Housing Israel's stock exchange and a booming hi-tech industry, it is also considered Israel's economic hub. If you're traveling to other parts of Israel, Tel Aviv can provide a secular balance to the rest of the country's deeply religious current. In Tel Aviv you will find restaurants open on Shabbat (every Friday night-Saturday night), non-kosher items on most restaurant menus, and a lot of English spoken, as well as the highest amount of cultural and ethnic diversity.

Most remarkable about Tel Aviv is the energy that keeps the place feeling alive year-round. From the beaches to the cafes to the promenade that run through the city, you'll get a sense of this joie de vivre wherever you are in Tel Aviv. The reason behind it? No one really knows. Maybe it's the sun and the waves, the deliciously fresh food, or the non-stop parties. No matter the reason, when you visit Tel Aviv you can't help catching the contagiously good vibes.

Tel Aviv is friendly and safe, with scant petty-crime. Israelis take pride in helping others (it's almost a national sport), so don't be shy to ask locals for directions and recommendations. If you're single talking to locals will most likely lead to a date or at very least a Friday night dinner invitation.

Tel Aviv has something for everybody. Pop into any one of the fabulous, funky, or downright delicious cafes, take a walk along the tayelet to watch the waves, head to Florentine for a drink and the best in counter-culture, or head to Tel Aviv's revived port, the Namal, for a great family spot for the day or mega clubbing at night.

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