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About Art in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is a city that lives and breathes its culture. With intriguing street art and Bauhaus at its finest, the best way to experience Tel Aviv culture is to walk around the city with your eyes peeled. You'll find Street Art tucked into every corner and soon you can start to recognize an artist's trademark around the city. In Hebrew and English, most of these artists have a political bent or a humanist message, making these clips of fine graffiti both touching and poignant in the midst of bustling city life.

Bauhaus architecture, in its original design, is everywhere, but if you're looking to learn more about this utilitarian style we recommend a Bauhaus Tour, which run every Friday at 10 AM from the Bauhaus Center (99 Dizengoff) and will give you an understanding of how Bauhaus architecture was a defining factor in helping to build Tel Aviv.

Tel aviv also some incredible galleries bursting with local talent. The more traditional ones are clustered in Gordon street, but the best in contemporary is located at Hangar 2 at the Yafo port. The Tel Aviv art museum also has some extraordinary contemporary art housed in its brand-new contemporary wing, a stunning architectural feat. The Museum also has an exceptional permanent collection, with more than a few 20th century masterpieces.

Tel Aviv is a feast for the eyes and party for the ears. Take a break from listening to the waves or conversations in languages you may not understand and sample some live music. Head to Etta Piano bar (Montefiore 15) for live jazz weekly, or Rothschild 12 which has local talent playing most nights of the week (it's also one of the city's best bars.) For a taste of Tel Aviv's underground and a bit of a grungier crowd check out Levontin 7.5.

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