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About Food in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is both a foodie's paradise and a sure thing when it comes to eating. Israelis know how to enjoy breakfast, and Tel Avivians especially know how to start the day right. For a classic Israeli breakfast try Yulia at the Namal for some breathtaking views and food. If you're looking for Shakshuka, the traditional tomato-and-egg Iraqi dish which has become a national staple, try Sonia (King George and Almonit) for hands-down the best Shakshuka in town.

Try taking an afternoon break in any one of the city's charming cafes for a cappuccino (A-foochk, in Hebrew). For the best coffee in the city try Le Moulin at 72 Bogroshov, a French bakery with exquisite bread and pastries too (if you're getting lunch try the Balkan sandwich, with sweet potato and goat cheese.) For a more intellectual crowd (the cigarette-smoking, political-banter kind) head to Tolaat Sfarim at Kikar Rabin which also functions as a book store. If you're in the people watching mood head to Rothschild Boulevard to hang out at one of the coffee stands and watch sheik locals sip espresso and soak up the sun.

Tel Avivians eat dinner late, giving you the opportunity to catch a gorgeous sunset over the Mediterranean. For the full evening experience head to Yafo port, which has some of the tastiest dining in town. Old Man and the Sea is a restaurant not to be missed for seafood lovers and those seeking classic regional cuisine, just make sure to save your appetite for the main course as appetizers abound and are scrumptious! If you're looking for International cuisine, or yummy schnitzel (another Israeli staple) try Cafe Noir, (Ahad Ha'am and Nachmani), which has the atmosphere of old Europe combined with a contemporary Tel Aviv vibe. For a market fresh meal, and a more upscale one, try Kitchen Market at Namal, located on top of the Farmer's Market from which the restaurant gets its ingredients (also the best place to satisfy an Omnivore's pallet.)

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