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About Food in Tokyo

Although the French are thought to be the most gourmet people in the world, the truest connoisseurs are the Japanese (just ask any Frenchman living in Tokyo)! Even tiny 'mom & pop' shops pride themselves on serving only top quality ingredients, with an emphasis on what is in season. Japanese cooking focuses on the individual taste of every ingredient; there is no need for fancy creams and sauces. However, Japanese chefs who choose to specialize in other cuisines often study for years overseas, and all have a passion for perfection. It is no wonder that Japanese living and traveling overseas have a harder time adapting to food than anything else!

Take a look at the most recent Michelin guide for information on many top Tokyo restaurants. Fortunately, even those on a budget can eat top class cuisine in almost any neighborhood. Pick any nice looking restaurant that advertises a daily dinner set between 4000 and 10,000 yen (per person) to enjoy an amazing meal.

What to Eat?

For Japanese foods: Unagi, sushi, sashimi, sukiyaki, shabu shabu, nabe ryori (hot pot cooking), ramen, yakitori, soba, udon, yakitori, tonkatsu, tempura, okonomiyaki, gyudon. Foreign food is often better here than in its homeland. Italian and French are especially impressive.


There is no tipping in Japan, however, taxi drivers will be very happy if you round up the price of your fare. Don't try to tip others, it will only lead to confusion.

Price per Meal

$10 - unlimited

Best Restaurants

Bad restaurants don't survive. The New York Grill (Lost in Translation) and Gonpachi (Kill Bill) are always a hit. Also popular are Nadaman and Joel Robuchon.

Best Cafes

Too many to choose from. Cafe 1894 in Marunouchi, Kosouan in Jiyugaoka, and Mugimaru2 in Kagurazaka are local favorites. For outdoor seating, the Canal Cafe near Iidabashi Station, Idee Cafe Parc in Midtown, and Cafe Michelangelo in Dakanyama.

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