John B.

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I was born and raised in Jamaica, Queens in New York City. A true city boy I have experienced everything you can imagine that a city like New York has to offer. From the finest restaurants ( I am an incredibly passionate foodie) and nightlife to the gritty and sometimes scary streets and also to the secret corners where you can actually feel like you escaped. I love this city and I love sharing it even more with visitors so they can appreciate the "real" New York.
I am also extremely lucky to have parents that love to travel and because of this as far back as I can remember, every summer we flew out west, rented a van and road tripped for two weeks all over this beautiful country. I think I have slept in every Best Western west of Denver! It was thing I looked forward to most as a kid and I have spent the last 20 years revisiting many of those places, bringing old friends and new along with me. I started working on Wall Street when I was 19 and spent the next 18 as a successful stock broker and eventua... [More]