Daniel G.

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Hello, I guess I have a pretty colorful life even though my last name is gray. I was adopted from Korea when I was five years old and went to live with my awesome American family in the state of Delaware in the United States. Growing up, I would often remember a chilled cucumber and seaweed soup that my birth mother made for me. I was a creative writing major in college, taught poetry and tried to get my plays produced. Was poor so I started working in cafes and later restaurants. In 2005, I packed up my life and moved to South Korea. I was later reunited with my birthmother. I learned she was a foodie like me. I introduced my Korean mom to red wine and cheese and she reintroduced me to all the foods I had missed- including the chilled, cucumber and seaweed soup. I am currently the marketing manager and head of tours/events at O’ngo Food Communications ( one of the top tour companies in Korea. I also own and write on my own food blog, Seoul Eats ( I have been featured ... [More]