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When she’s not eating food, she’s writing about it. The former dining editor of China’s longest running English language magazine, Jamie spends her days finding the city’s best hidden gems and learning secret recipes in the kitchens of the best restaurants. Now she writes for Culinary Backstreets Shanghai, where she samples everything from holes in the wall frying up the best shengjianbao to Michelin starred chefs serving foie gras feasts.

Reviews for Jamie B.
Alex M.
Alex M. for Street Eats Night Markets - Thurs @ 7pm

We had no idea what to expect when we met up with Don our guide and fellow travellers on the Shanghai Street Eats Night Markets at Renmin, there was a cacophony of noise as is typical of China, smells that assaulted your senses! And lots of fun. Don, originally from California spoke excellent Mandarin and was well know to the traders and restaurants , he took us to a tiny place first, hidden away ! We ate the most delicious local food, chilli shrimp, rice cakes, lotus root, rice dumplings all washed down by copious amounts of chilled beer, then we want on to another that sold noodles, hand crafted from a family recipe! All in all the night went too quickly and we enjoyed it immensely as Don was very interesting as were the others in the group! We would recommend it highly and hope they put on more tours if this fascinating city.....thanks so much Alex and Jim Qatar.

Brian S.
Brian S. for Street Eats Night Markets - Thurs @ 7pm

This is a fantastic experience! The tour company clearly has the pulse of the Shanghai street food scene. The choices of food / location were spot on and every dish was amazing! The tour guide was very nice, very knowledgeable and fun to be around. I would do other tours with this group without question.

Enic for Street Eats Night Markets - Thurs @ 7pm

cool,it's delicious!