Reviews by Laura

If you are looking for as-LOCAL-as-it-gets culinary delicacies, breathtaking scenery, and a really memorable experience, 'Edible Adventure' tours are the perfect way to spend a day. Elizabeth was immediately friendly, excited and accommodating. We enjoyed the picturesque drive (just under an hour) through the fog, and the closer we got the fog lifted and sunny, blue skies and giant redwood trees took over. The 1st stop: Point Reyes Station. We were greeted with delicious, fresh, local pastries and a short history lesson. Next up: CHEESE! I'd experienced Cowgirl Creamery's cheeses before, but never taken the time to really learn about the different products, where the dairy comes from, or view the actual production. Not to mention sample.... Afterwards we boarded the comfy, spacious van that would be tour vehicle for the afternoon (nice Motown music selection I might add) and we were off! A lamb burger with chimmichurri sauce and sweet potato fries, paired with ice cold NorCal Microbrews, a walk through an organic family-owned farm, wine tasting and more...just when we thought the day couldn't get any better (or that our stomachs could handle any more!), we reached Hog Island Oyster Co. This location can't be beat--it's right on the bay, filled with welcoming communal picnic tables and happy, satisfied guests. We stuffed our faces with sweet raw oysters, savory BBQ'd oysters, sourdough baguette, more cheese!, wine and fresh baked cookies. All of these locations are open to the public, so you *could* technically visit these spots on your own. But I feel that booking the tour was worth every penny. Elizabeth is dialed in and knows all the tricks of the area, so at each spot we walked in and were treated like VIPs. She offered just the right amount of education and local lore, she is super passionate and her energy is contagious! Plus we all felt comfortable to have a few extra glasses of vino knowing we had a responsible driver! This day really will go down as one of the best guided tours I've ever experienced. As the CA native, I loved it, and my East Coast friends were totally blown away. Elizabeth went above and beyond to ensure we left with happy, full stomachs, relaxed minds and souls, and a new appreciation for the cuisine of West Marin.