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Reviews by Nancy Y.
Nancy Y.
Nancy Y. for Play Skeeball With the Champ

Joey is awesome! He had really clear instructions on how to skeeball and is a blast to be around. This is a really fun activity to do with friends. The whole experience was a blast and I'm definitely a waaay better skeeballer now!

Nancy Y.
Nancy Y. for Forage for Urban Mushrooms

Going mushroom foraging with Alan was a fun and educational experience. You can really tell he knows what he's talking about, and his enthusiasm was infectious. Definitely a good wintertime activity in the Bay Area, since it's the peak season for mushrooms. I recommend this tour to anyone who's interested in mushrooms, because Alan is a great teacher!

Nancy Y.
Nancy Y. for Walk Like a Local in SF

Samir's tour was a fun and relaxing way to get immersed in the Mission food scene. We got to meet a few chefs and learn about their backstories. And the food was AMAZING. I loved that we got the chance to walk around Mission, to digest before the next restaurant and also look at murals in the area. Samir is really knowledgeable and friendly, and even had a place for us to store our luggage before the tour started. Definitely a must if you're in San Francisco. TIP: come with a completely empty stomach, because there is a LOT of yummy food to try!