Beardsley R.

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Retired from a career which included time spent as a lawyer, law professor, entrepreneur and computer programmer. Now active in the movement of college instruction online (edX). Produced the undergraduate course "The Hebrew Scripture in Judaism and Christianity" by Shaye J.D. Cohen which is on the Harvard iTunesU channel.

Reviews for Beardsley R.
Kate J.

Guided by an alumnus and longtime resident of Harvard this tour is a fascinating look at Harvard past and present. A family of four from England, we saw how Harvard had developed architecturally and and at the same time learned about the lives of students past and present. The buildings are beautiful and varied and we all learned a great deal as Beardsley told the story. This is the first time we have taken a Vayable tour and the experience stood head and shoulders above any other tour we have taken and is much more memorable, thank you so much.