Alfred T.

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Among other things, Alfred is a comic book artist and mural painter, and organizes Bay Area Artists Unite (BAAU), a group of comic, digital, video game and illustration artists in San Francisco, the East Bay, Fremont, Silicon Valley, and San Jose.

Reviews for Alfred T.
Abel M.
Abel M. for Sketch the Mission

Just moved to the area (in fact, to the country), and this was indeed an excellent guide to living here! And if Alfred can help the most drawing-challenged person in the world (i.e. me) to draw, then he can do that with everyone. Interesting comic book to look at, as well.

Jenna P.
Jenna P. for Sketch the Mission

Drawing the Mission is a great way to get to see it! We went to Dolores Park and drew comic strips featuring people there and creating stories based around the hipsters we tried to spot on the grass. It doesn't matter if you've drawn a ton or not at all b/c it was about having a good time experiencing the Mission a different way. Hipster spotting was followed by ice cream at Bi-Rite and (the best) tacos down on 24th St which topped off the experience perfectly. I want to go back to these places to draw the characters spotted there more often!

Vayable T.
Vayable T. for Sketch the Mission

This tour is a unique approach to discovering the Mission, based on a comic book! You can draw your way through it by sitting at the best spots with a few engaging artists that will help you along. This tour is for anyone who wants to see the Mission through an artist's perspective or just have a great time watching hipsters, exploring the best spots, and eating tacos.

June L.
June L. for Sketch the Mission

Alfred is the friendliest, most generous and accepting guy! He's a talented illustrator who draws everything from comics about thrift stores to adventures of raising chickens in your backyard. The taco spot mentioned in the book was amazing and was discovered after meticulously searching for the perfect taco for years. Hipster spotting in Dolores Park will never be the same again without the help of snarky artists and your own sketchpad. The comic book is truly a treat for those who both live in the Mission and those who want to discover it.