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Scott S.

Joe DiStefano really knows food and he shares what he knows on this food tour. I would never have visited any of the Asian restaurants we went to on my own. He takes you to the truely authentic Chinese were there is no English menu or English spoken and guides you to the best dishes that each place makes. This tour has opened an entire new world of food for me and I can now go to the China towns of Queens, Manhattan, SanFrancisico, or any othe city and explore the food with the knowledge that I learned from Joe. This tour was really worth every penny for what I learned and the food was phenomenal. Every place we went to was a new food I had never had before and each dish was amazing. Joe also takes you through the Chinese markets and tells you what all of those exotic looking ingredients are and what dishes they are used in and then when you are at the next eatery he gives you the choice of having a dish with some of those those new found ingredients. I highly recommend that you get out of Manhattan and explore the food in the other boroughs with Joe. There is a whole new world out there to eat and you are missing it.

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Joe D.

It was a real blast showing Scott and his wife around America's best Chinatown!!