Reviews - Ahmed


Mr. Hamdi was my tour guide in Tunisia, I really recommend him, he wasn’t a tour guide he was a father and friend, uncle Hamdi invite me and my mom to his house to meet his sweet family and we got a great hospitality. Mr. Hamdi you are so kind, generous and professional. was pleasure to meet you and looking forward to meet you and your family again in the green Tunisia .

Anne B.

I was with a group of four. Ahmed met us at our cruise ship terminal and presented the women with flowers and the men with other gifts, including sweets. We had booked for a day and the price of 300 euro for four people was reasonable. We were a bit squashed in Ahmed's little hatch and it was a bit warm but that was OK. We were taken to a couple of sites of ruins - baths, a theatre. We then went to Sidi Bousaid which was nice. The view from the top was great. Ahmed knows where to park to avoid the crowds. His local knowledge was useful in gaining entry to various places. Ahmed has excellent English. Ahmed's local knowledge was great when we went into the Souk and Ahmed bartered for us. When my husband made a purchase without Ahmed's assistance, he paid way too much for it. Ahmed took us to a local cafe where the food was cheap and the portions huge. So were the flies but you get that in Australia too. Ahmed drove fast but the only scary bit was the toilet we went to. I would have been happy to pay for a nicer toilet. Ahmed did offer us water (I think) but I would have liked access to more water. The gifts were lovely and the flowers lasted for the week of my cruise but I did not need extra gifts. ahmed gave us a full day and he was very knowledgable.