Reviews by Hannes W.
Hannes W.
Hannes W. for Underground Wine Experience

While the trip only lasted half a day, its hard to summarize the experience in a few words. One thing is guaranteed, Mike knows his stuff and he'll provide you with unforgettable personalized tour. In a time of commercialized tourism, his style of showing you around is a rare occasion. Besides being extremely easy to coordinate with, Mike made the effort to pick me up downtown. With the traffic in San Francisco, I guarantee, not everyone will do that. His extravagant outfit for our tour matched his character very well: funny yet caring, out-going and yet still very grounded. Mike and I toured four vineyards, each of them in very distinct locations. Of all the vineyard owners that we met along our tour, everyone took their time to explain their unique wine making processes and the history of the vineyards. Despite travelling alone and obviously not looking like I own a platinum credit card, I felt humbled that these owners shared their knowledge with me. Without Mike's personal relationships with everyone, I wouldn't have otherwise gotten this type of royal treatment. My money felt well spent. Needless to say, I left the tour with some wonderful additions to my (yet insignificant) wine collection, great memories and some really cool pictures :)

Hannes W.
Hannes W. for Heart of the City Bike Tour

This is a must experience when you are new to San Francisco. Beebe, who was leading our tour, was a pro and such a lovely person to hang out with for a couple of hours. She maneuvered us safely through the city and showed us some wonderful corners that certainly none of the double deckers or mainstream tours would have gone (e.g. passing by the leather fetish festival added to the flair). Beebe was extremely knowledgable (I like to ask a lot of questions!) and she was well prepared (tools, spare tires, even some snacks for the extremely needy ones). For those that like 'local', this is it.