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Steven C.
Steven C. for Bioluminescent Kayaking Adventure

If you like shiny things, you'll love this. What could be better than paddling in a kayak and watching every ripple and disturbance of the water create glowing pixie dust!? It really is an unforgettable moment the first time you splash around in the water and just see the water sparkle. And lets not forget the sea otters and glowing fish that you will get to see on the adventure! And better yet, if you are lucky (we were!) you will even get to experience a clear night sky filled with stars where you can gaze at the many constellations above you as you paddle through the water. Well what are you waiting for?

Steven C.
Steven C. for Premier Food Tour in the Mission

The moment I first met Avital, I was immediately impressed by the passion that she exhibits for San Francisco and the Mission District. Being from San Francisco, her knowledge of the area is unmatched. From the historical significance of the murals, to being friends with the owners of the restaurants we visited, I was truly engaged in all of the places we visited. And of course the food was great! Trying all different flavors of the mission in a span of three hours is pretty exhilarating. There was never a time when I thought we stayed somewhere too long, or we were moving too quickly. Everything seemed perfectly timed and well thought-out and the 3 hours that our troupe got to spend with Avital was a blast. I would definitely encourage everyone to take this tour, especially if you are interested in learning about food and art in the mission. Thanks Avital!!