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A professional tango dancer based in the cradle of argentinean tango, BUENOS AIRES offers to guide you in the jungle of this metropolis, in the underworld of tango. A dancer, a poliglote with 10 languages, with all knowledge of the local culture and probably your own, will be your contact, your guide, your friend and maybe a tango teacher while in Buenos Aires! Try un unforgettable tango evening experience!

Reviews for Aisha
June L.
June L. for An Evening of Tango!

Aisha was great! She represents Buenos Aires in its opulent and fabulous glory days, where people danced tango all night at decadent milongas set in great mansions. We did a private lesson at her studio, where she taught us the basics and techniques of Tango. Unlike people in the states who teach choreography, she teaches how to feel and how to truly follow (for all the ladies out there). We then went to this really great pizza place where all the employees knew her, and her tango poster was on the wall. It was like walking in with a friend and being immediately integrated into the inner circle. Later, we went to a tango show where we saw some great performances and even got to dance with professional tango dancers. The night ended at a milonga where we watched locals dance tango :). Thanks, Aisha, for an unforgettable experience.