Reviews by Art K.
Art K.

What a blast riding the Tuscan countryside with Cosimo. The riding was on par with any Backroads trips on which I've ridden, and I've ridden on a couple. The culture of Florence, the history, the bells and the glorious cuisine of the city was quite the reward after a day out climbing (and descending, wow!) the hills. The carbon-fiber framed bikes we rented came with Campy groupos (of course!) and were fitted for us before we left the shop. Cosimo (Mark Collins) knows the countryside intimately, pointing out Machiavelli's estates as easily as the roads with the cherry overlooks. Cafes, village watering spigots, immersing ourselves in the famous bike culture of Italy is all part of a day's ride. Hey, when a guide offers your wife a friendly starter push up the hill, can he be more accommodating than that? Andiamo, Cosimo! A value at twice the price!