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Two of us had the best New York experience ever on a beautiful Sunday in Harlem. Greeted by a knowledgable and funny Carolyn, we are now total Harlem converts and have not shut up telling our friends how they MUST visit Harlem and have Carolyn as their guide. Including telling a native New Yorker when we up at the Tatzu Nishi:Discovering Columbus. Informative and great fun, it was like spending the morning with a friend showing you around their neighbourhood. Carolyns passion for where she lives comes across beautifully and she's greeted by everyone - so we felt more like members of the community than mere tourists. I urge you to take this tour and have a wonderful timemorning with an amazing lady!

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Carolyn J.

I had a wonderful Gospel and Brunch Tour with Jilly and Catherine on November 4th. I now have two new friends across the pond and hope to see them again either here or over there. Thank you Carolyn