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I will happily go anywhere once, seriously! Traveling is my passion; I've been to 77 countries on 7 continents. When not roaming the planet, I am a freelance consultant who has been based in Paris since 2005. My work experience includes location scouting and management for a program broadcast on Travel Channel China (which reaches 300 million viewers!)
My other interests include food, design, culture, art, architecture, fashion.... you can see for yourself here: www.fb.me/frances.the.critic

Reviews for Frances
Mark R.
Mark R. for Best Chinese Food….in Paris!

I had a craving for good Chinese food because where I live it is actually really hard to find. Frances took me to a great out of the way place that fixed my desires. I wanted it spicy but not knock me down in pain spicy. They happily obliged and gave it to me just right. Frances knew exactly what to order (I was in her hands), and even ordered in Chinese for me. After dinner we walked through the streets of Paris, while she pointed out all the interesting buildings and their stories. Much better than a tour guide! It was personal presentation of Paris just the way I wanted it. I would highly recommend Frances and her services!

Denise R.
Denise R. for Paris Is Your Oyster!

I loved touring Paris with Frances. I traveled to Paris by myself from California, and had the most wonderful trip. I was able to have a custom made trip with personalized outings and experiences. It was great to be with someone who not only knows the ins and outs of Paris, but speaks both French and English, and truly loves this city! From picnicking in front of the Eiffel Tower, to touring Versailles, Frances took all the guesswork out of planning. She organized events, bought tickets, and navigated me through this city like a pro. She even recommended some of her favorite museums and experiences, that I might otherwise not have thought of. I couldn't have asked for a better tour guide!