Katrina T.

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I like being an insider outsider, I like how there will always be something I don't know and therefore always something to learn/discover. Rome is glorious but other than its obvious beauty I enjoy the offbeat spaces, odd corners brimming with multicultural activity, disregarded ruins/decay and its transformation through art, music, farming, creativity.

Film/video is my main occupation and that means using my eyes to see and be in the world. Being able to share that and have more eyes opened, seeing, sensing/experiencing the world and its people - that's my vision.

Reviews for Katrina T.
Jaime M.
Jaime M. for Rome Culturalista Tour

Katrina was great! Such a kind,intelligent tour guide with a great eye for culture and the hidden gems in a tourist haven. Even though the weather was rough, she improvised and really made our tour worthwhile. It's always neat hearing a well cultured local tell her story on what life is like in this living museum of a city! Thank you!