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Matthew B.

If you enjoy great food prepared with detailed attention, Istanbul is the city for you. At the crossroads of East and West, ancient and modern, European and Asian, Istanbul is a treat for the dedicated foodie. Merve took us to some truly superb places where people enjoy eating. On our won, we would have missed many of the places we sampled. With Merve's guidance, we were able to see and enjoy all sorts of taste treats, from savory to sweet. She was able to describe many of the seasonings and styles of preparation of the dishes we sampled. We learned so much from Merve that when we were on our own, we were able to order the dishes we enjoyed with her.

Matthew B.

Our exploration of the Asian side of Istanbul was a memorable experience. Merve met us and off we went across the water to the Asian side. We went to places where almost everyone you saw was not a tourist. We enjoyed panoramic vistas, all sorts of tasty treats, and most of all enjoyed an evening going to the places that locals frequent. The views, the tastes, the experience of seeing where locals go, riding the ferries, all combined to create a magical evening. Merve is charming, bright, intelligent, and made us feel like we were long-time friends.

Matthew B.
Matthew B. for Chat on Existence

This was not our first visit to Istanbul. We always enjoy wandering around the city and making all sorts of wonderful discoveries. Kaan was able to customize the route for us. We went to some of the monuments we enjoy best and Kaan knew the best times to queue up, and routes within the monuments and between them to maximize our time, and the best places to stop to eat/refresh. Much of the magic is in the city itself. But Kaan adds his own magic to the mix. He is bright, knowledgeable, gentlemanly and the perfect person to spend a great day in Istanbul with. It was almost like visiting with a friend. A truly wonderful way to spend our time in Istanbul.

Matthew B.
Matthew B. for Tastes of Istanbul

This was not our first trip to Istanbul. It is a city that we love to get lost in and make all sorts of wonderful discoveries. Joining up with Kasper was totally amazing. He took us to places we would had not discovered on our own or may have passed by not knowing better. He tailored the route to our interests and tastes and off we went. We spent our evening eating our way thru Istanbul. All sorts of tasty treats from savory to sweet. It was one of our best evenings in Istanbul. To be honest, Kasper has a great personality and is able to make everyone feel comfortable. He is multilingual and well-travelled so it is easy to make conversation with him from the instant we met. This was a great way to really see the contrasts and tastes of Istanbul.

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Aabhash G.

Matthew is such a wonderful soul (and so are the lovely ladies Maria and Jeannie)! It was my pleasure to have guided them around Kathmandu for two days. With a great sense humour and vivid love for food, he has a marvellous personality. We shared stories from around the world and I really don't know how soon we were saying goodbye. You already have a 'taste' of Nepal, I hope you'll come again and again for more!


I spend short and great time with Matthew

Kaan K.

He has got my Highlights of Istanbul Tour with his friend Maria. We had a very wonderful day. Through out our tour we informed each other about history. To be able to have a tour with a Real Apachee was an honor for me. Once again, Thank you Matthew for choosing my tour.