Reviews - Michael L.

Talhita M.

The Bay Area Photo Tour with Michael was absolutely unforgettable. When I was looking to do something different in SF than just visiting the most popular tourist attractions, I thought immediately on doing a photo tour. It was a last minute decision, but Michael responded very quickly to my request and I scheduled the tour that turns out wonderfully. Michael not only is a great photographer that shared his knowledge to get beautiful shots, he also gave me great tips to get better compositions and responded to all my questions. Michael was also incredibly knowledgeable about the amazing sites we visited as well as a keen observer. This overall experience was the highlight of my trip to SF. I highly recommend this tour to anyone with a passion for photography and for landscapes. I will definitely call Michael again to do another photo tour next time I am in SF!

Mike D.

My wife (Becky) and I had the pleasure of meeting up with Mike and taking a tour with him to Point Reyes. From start to finish our experience was just amazing. Mike was a great guide, full of information and willing to give advice whenever asked. He has an amazing ability of being engaging and somehow fading away to take amazing photos, without Becky or I knowing it was occurring. Although Becky and I were exploring throughout our trip, we can say with confidence that we would have never made our way to Point Reyes...and we would have really missed out. I can't thank Mike enough for providing such an amazing experience. Rolling hills FULL of wildflowers made for some unbelievable photos. Afterwards, Mike continued to share in his life and experiences within San Francisco, including sharing an amazing Italian dinner with us. If you're looking for an opportunity to have your eyes opened up to picturesque landscapes by someone who feels far more like a friend than a guide, look Mike up and you will NOT be disappointed! Thank you again Mike! -Mike & Becky

Agam H.

The photos I got from this tour speaks everything about the tour. As a photo hobbyist, having Mike take you to the north of the bridge is really an advantage. He knows all the photogenic scenes in the area as he has worked a lot documenting this gem. All in one day: rolling hills and cows, a tasty sandwich, sea elephants lazing around, hikes along the seashore, Eric Pryds, 15 cats and a dog, and stories of elks, coyotes and mountain lions. We didn't get to see the elks nor the coyotes and mountain lions (fortunately). It would have cool to shoot a silhouette of the elks and their antlers with the warm orange sunset as the backdrop. This tour makes me want to plan for a longer trip to the US and explore the west coast. Thank you to Mike for bringing me on this tour.