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Hi! My name is Soledad. I’m a true porteña, with a family background filled with Jewish, Spanish, German and Italian heritage.

I was born and raised in Buenos Aires. In my late twenties I ventured across the ocean and lived over a decade in London and Berlin, with a short early romance with Spain.
While in Europe I worked several years as a guide and a guest representative.

At the same time I had the chance to travel extensively and I learned that I had the best experiences when local friends shared their city with me. I loved walking along the stalls of the local craft markets, testing the local food inside the "off the track" little restaurants or discovering the cultural nuances of the peripheral neighborhoods.

In April 2012 I returned to Buenos Aires for good. I fell in love again with the city, the culture, the mess, the noise, the vibrancy, the people, the tango. Oh yes…the tango!

It is my wish to share this new found love for the city with you. I’d like to be your local friend, the per... [More]

Reviews for Soledad
Ruth C.

Sol looked after us for an evening taking us to visit two local Marengo halls to look at tango in the community. She was a fabulous guide and it was a great evening. She also arranged a private tango lesson for us the next day which we loved. Highly recommend.