Karen C.

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I would like to travel soon. Anyone want to buy me a ticket to somewhere?

I can't seem to accept status quo. Eventually I have to challenge something. I don't mind confrontation, when it's necessary. I like to communicate, but eventually burn out. I like to talk about philosophical ideas, preferably when wine is involved.

Reviews by Karen C.
Karen C.

Anne is warm and welcoming from the moment you meet her. Just one of those people you think you're friends with right from the get-go. This makes for a very pleasant, easy-going tour. Anne is flexible, prepared, knowledgeable - and not just about the standard tourist attractions. Her willingness to make your trip the best it can be is obvious and very much appreciated. Thanks so much, Anne!

Reviews for Karen C.
Anne D.

Karen and her husband were a true delight. I couldn't believe how much we fit in during our time together, without it feeling too rushed. (Maybe it was the cold, and both Karen and I were under dressed!). A really nice couple to discover Paris with.