Carlo B.

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my name is Carlo, I'm 29 and I was born and raised in Rome, during the past 4 years I've lived in France and in the US: I basically took my studies as an excuse to live abroad, travel and get to know different people and languages.
After these two years I was feeling very homesick: Rome is a lazy relaxing city, which can be unnerving at times, but where life is so so sweet. The weather is great, the food is awesome and the nights are fun. So I decided to come back and enjoy it and I moved back here with my girlfriend, who is French (almost Belgian).
What else…I enjoy reading, music, art, cycling and I'm kind of a geek (did I mention I'm a physicist?). I enjoy Rome's underground scene, but I don't disdain a classical concert from time to time. I'm definitely a foodie and a wine lover.
One thing I enjoy a lot is sharing my city with foreigners and tourists, because it helps me rediscover it every time and fall back in love with it.