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Kenley S.
Kenley S. for Crash Course of the City

moved out to the bay area...almost 3 years ago now, but haven't had much time/energy to really explore the city beyond the typical tourist areas, and parts that are covered in the blogosphere. June gave me a good take on parts of Hayes Valley and Inner Richmond and showed me some cool places (bookstore, an aquarium!) that I'm confident I'd never find on my own--what was great is that she actually tailored the tour based on what I'd done in the city before so I didn't end up seeing stuff I'd already figured out on my own.

Kenley S.
Kenley S. for Homelessness Walking Tour

...had thanksgiving week off, wanted to do something different/educational...this tour seemed appropriate. I exist in the borderline 1%, tech industry worker bubble, so it was good to get away from that nonsense and see how other folk get on with their lives. Hanging out with Milton was great, he is streetwise, has an appreciation for history and culture, and was just a really colourful and funny character to have as a guide...would have loved to have hung out with him even longer to hear more of his crazy stories and his take on life and how things get the way they are. Highly recommend it.