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I'm Dash, I'm a stand up comedian and performing artist. I love comedy, and would love to share it with all of you!

Reviews for Dash
June L.
June L. for Stand Up Comedy Experience

Going to a show that Dash was headlining was a great experience! I must say that I had my doubts about the San Francisco comedy scene after going to shows in LA and NYC, but it did not disappoint. At least here no one jokes about sitting in traffic and how long it took them to get there! Also no jokes about the Muni or fog either. Being able to go out with him and his fellow comedian crew was an entertaining experience as well, as you would of course expect. They also schooled us in the art of saying funny things for the day that we get to perform on stage at an open mic if I ever get rid of my stage fright jitters.

Pedro P.
Pedro P. for Stand Up Comedy Experience

Dash showed me and my friends an amazing time in a world unknown to me. It was the first time for me going to a stand-up comedy show. The venue was really cool, very intimate and packed. The show was dynamic, with many comedians doing their show, and Dash as the headliner. They were all incredibly funny (I haven't laughed so much in a long time) After the show, me, my friends, Dash, and all the comedians that were on that night went to a really cool bar at North Beach. It was great to hear them interact, talking about their routine that night, what worked, what didn't work, etc. I also got to ask them all the questions I had about getting started in the stand-up comedy world. Who knows, maybe one day I will give it a try (there are so many open-mic venues in SF)! Great experience! Looking forward on going to more stand-up comedy shows!