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World Traveler and Outdoor Adventurer.

I am a life-long Oregonian having lived here since I was 3 years old. Portland is a great city and you'll find locals to be very proud of our town. I can direct you to the best coffee shops, brewpubs, and distilleries. Restaurants "off the radar" are my specialty and I can help you find alternatives to the more popular restaurants.

I'm an avid outdoorswoman, so if you want to hike or backpack I can tell you the best trails. I can also arrange to meet you at a trailhead and we can go for a hike or backpack together. If you're interested in some tax-free shopping at the many outdoor retailers in town (REI, Mont-Bell, Snow Peak, Icebreaker, Columbia, Mountain Hardwear and more), I can take you shopping and assist you with gear selection.

If you need anything to help plan your trip to Portland, or Oregon, please contact me. I'm happy to help!

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Reviews for Heather K.
Lori B.
Lori B. for Keep Portland Weird Tour

Heather was a great tour guide and we enjoyed touring your lovely and quirky city with her. Great tour!

June L.
June L. for Keep Portland Weird Tour

The thing I love most about visiting new cities are trying foods, hearing historical anecdotes about how things came to be, and getting to know the people. This tour gave us all three! We learned about Portland's unique relationship with art as a city and the stories behind a lot of quirky historical landmarks like the statue of Portlandia, a 24-hour curbside church, and the smallest park in the world. Since Heather is an urban explorer and food lover herself, we also came away with pages of recommendations that gave us a great experience on the rest of our trip as well!