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My name is Ying Ying and I was originally born in Singapore. I moved to Canada (Richmond) with my family in 1990 and I love it!

I've been in Vancouver since I moved into my apartment in 2005. Vancouver is a wonderful city and I love sharing things about it to visitors and guests.

I started my own consulting business specializing in travel concierge and event planning/production. I also do social media consulting for individuals and small businesses, helping them figure out what social media means to them and how they can utilize it.

My style statement is Sophisticated Adventure, and that is how I want to live my life. There are many things I love but the #1 thing I would have to say is I love is travel. If I win the lottery tomorrow, the first thing I would do after paying off my bills is to take off on a plane!

I love Vancouver and I do believe it is one of the best places in the world! Having been a concierge for a private club for over 3 years, I know Vancouver better than most people and I ... [More]

Reviews for Ying Ying L.
Ken for Navigate Vancouver: Like a Local

I would highly recommend this tour with Ying Ying. She was very easy to communicate with and arranged the tour according to our needs. She is very knowledgeable about the city in many ways: history, culture, neighborhoods, etc. She did a fantastic job of driving everywhere in what can be a very busy, congested city. We got a great overview of the city and lots of recommendations of things to do, places to eat, etc. She also provided specific bus number routes and other transit information for places we wanted to visit. Overall her tour is well worth the cost and a great way to start your visit.

Chris H.
Chris H. for Navigate Vancouver: Like a Local

The tour was superb. Ying Ying did an excellent job orienting us to all the various areas that make up the city of Vancouver. She is incredibly knowledgable and both my wife and I were impressed. If its your first time in Vancouver definitely take this tour!

Angelica Z.
Angelica Z. for Navigate Vancouver: Like a Local

Ying Ying was amazing. I loved how she personalized the tour for us and was extremely knowledgable about the city. My friends and I highly recommend Ying Ying for a tour guide!

Jenny R.
Jenny R. for Navigate Vancouver: Like a Local

This was a great introduction to Vancouver for me - Ying Ying knows a lot about her city, its history, culture and even the practical things like what bus I should catch to get back to places, where to eat, what times to go to different places I wanted to see more of. I think I would have missed a lot of really seeing Vancouver if I hadn't had the background of this mini tour. I would HIGHLY recommend it to anyone visiting Vancouver