Before attending art school, I lived in a Tibetan Buddhist temple for two years. I studied Buddhist philosophy and psychology, yoga and meditation. Over the years, I have done several Vipassana silent retreats. I am also Yoga Alliance certified.

I work as the Mindful Movement Guide at Berkeley Forest School and as the Holistic Health Director for Bay Farm and Forest. Over the years, I've come to realize that one of my gifts is that of embodied presence.

As a performance, media, and intervention artist, I am constantly experimenting with the body's relationship to its surroundings. I read a lot of ecopsychology; this and my meditation/yoga practice inform my work.

Reviews for Sea
Travis H.
Travis H. for BlindSite Tour

This was an immensely deepening experience for me. As difficult as it was to let go of my fears of walking into the unknown(literally) - I felt supported through the experience by Sea and knew that I was safe. As an Expressive Arts therapist in training, I often face difficult challenges of the mind and spirit- however, this experience offered a different type challenge- a challenge of trusting and deepening the senses. My sense of smell and hearing were heightened, and a deeper grounded connection to the earth below me took hold. I am grateful for my experience of feeling the forest, rather than using my eyes.