Yuki M.

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I also love to travel around the world.
I think that it is the same with you.
I have experience that has been living to Vancouver, Canada. 
I was a homestay in there.I'm really enjoyed my homestay. but I'm not good at English. hahaha.

I was born in Kyoto, and grew up in Kyoto.
I love the city and the people of Kyoto.
I want to know more Kyoto to foreigners.
So I began to vayable with my friends.

He worked at a sushi restaurant.
He has run a Japanese restaurant independently in Kyoto.

Temaki Zushi is a hand-rolled sushi,

Hand-rolled Sushi cooking lessons
are becoming popular with foreign traveler.

Learn a cooking hand-rolled sushi for only one day.
The skill is easily acquired.

“Temaki-sushi” has become popular for relaxing, easy, and quick dinner.

often enjoyed at homes.
lt is fun making your own combination of favorite ingredients.

This is why we started the hand-rolled sushi classroom in Kyoto.

You can not on the day of the reservation.
Please make ... [More]